Indulgence is a never-ending story generator, inspired by Dwarf Fortress, earlier works of Uncharted Waters and Firefly.

In this game, the player acts as the captain of an intra-atmospheric craft, doing business with settlers on a distant colony planet.

The world will evolve based on the player's actions in each game session. Some changes are insignificant, but others can have a huge impact and even create an unprecedented crisis for the captain afterwards.

Indulgence is currently under heavy development by Mr. Jing and Mrs. Jing.

Captain Simulator

Ah, Captain. Do you have enough money to pay the upcoming bills? Does your crew like you? Have you completed the contract you signed last month? Do you know where to find customers who interested in your cargo?

Dynamic World

Through PCG technology with the hand-crafted content, each planet is unique and interesting. The player is more than able to fully appreciate the best of emergent gameplay.

Endless Journey

Captain after captain, generation after generation of settlers, the ship is still flying, bearing witness to countless stories and the pioneering history of this planet.

Fun and Challenge

Life is short, have more fun.
Sometimes you will fail, but that's okay, in a different light, failure can be fun, relaxing, just for another round.